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In this phase of your relocation we help you to understand better fundamentals of living and operating in South Sudan. You will get an insight into the history, culture, economy as well as social aspects of living in the country. In depth information on banking, housing, security, schooling, healthcare and legalities will be provided. This would be typically followed by orientation tour, including possible housing visit.

Here is where we derive best suited relocation plan, agree on required destination services and assist you in policy development. After the pre-move counselling your will have a clear overview of crucial aspects of relocation what shall lay solid foundation upon any further work.

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On the arrival to South Sudan you will have several issues to be taken care off ranging from the immigration and legalities planning through the housing rental to the physical relocation and utilities installation. We take you through that process by assisting you in visas and permits processing, conducting area orientation and property search in South Sudan as well as organizing household goods transport and storage.

This phase secures your housing and legal residence in South Sudan therefore is critical for the subsequent deployment. As of here the only thing left is to turn your house in South Sudan into a new home.

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To feel like home in South Sudan we will have to properly execute the relocation policy agreed upon in the pre-move phase. That would typically include healthcare and cross-cultural matters, insurance and security in South Sudan, banking and financial issues along with school enrolment whenever required. We will be more than happy to assist you in car rental in South Sudan, finding the most suitable IT and telecommunication solution, as well as arranging for language training and interpreter. We are here to link you with the best specialists on legal and tax issues, contractual matters, importation and customs processes in South Sudan.

The bullet points highlighted above constitute our core activities yet we do not limit ourselves only to the abovementioned. On the contrary, we will be pleased to assist you in any other aspect of settling-in in South Sudan.

After successful completion of this stage you will be equipped in all the necessary means and information enabling and empowering you to start your assignment in South Sudan.

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Once you are comfortable and settled in South Sudan there is a number of activities you could consider worthwhile exploring. We will introduce you to cultural and sport events as well as available leisure and entertainment activities in South Sudan. Direct you to supermarkets and shopping areas, recommend local and continental restaurants along with vital bars and pubs. Eventually, we will facilitate integration with local communities, your fallow compatriots and inform you about regular gatherings and events.

That is the part of your relocation when you start to fully enjoy South Sudan.

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After you have successfully concluded your assignment in South Sudan we are here to help you with its closure. You may want to cede on us termination of leases, inventory check-out, utilities provider notification and temporary accommodation arrangement prior to departure. We will eagerly assist you should any unexpected problems arise.

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Business case

Is it business-wise to spent time, resources and money in South Sudan? Is it worth to invest in South Sudan or do business in Juba? What the country has to offer and how is it aligned with your business expectations? These and many other questions are to be answered prior to the business relocation. Pro South Sudan Ltd. is here to support you in the market investigation and assist you in the acquisition of precise and most recent information on key customers and suppliers. We will help you to gather data regarding labour and recruitment, investment policies and legalities, infrastructure, transport, available properties in South Sudan and many more. Tailored business information will certainly create accurate picture of what the country has to offer and help you outline your business case for South Sudan. Whether you are a company that wants to invest or set-up a business branch in South Sudan, or a non-government organization that wishes to launch operations in South Sudan, Pro South Sudan Ltd. is here to support you in the analysis of current situation in South Sudan.

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Business development

South Sudan, as a new born country opens up numerous business opportunities. Pro South Sudan Ltd. is here to facilitate your business development with personalized and multidirectional assistance. We will support you throughout the settling-in process in areas ranging from business registration and legalities arrangement through immigration and importation processes to the right people and property selection. In particular it may include assistance in dealing with relevant authorities to facilitate the investment, advice on security issues and contractual matters as well as support in business networking and partners search. Of course, we will gladly assist you in any other aspect of settling-in in South Sudan.

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